Forschungsschwerpunkt Translationale Neurowissenschaften Mainz

Rhine-Main Neuroimaging Retreat

Every other year, the Rhine-Main Neuroimaging Retreat assembles researchers from the systems/cognitive neuroscience community in the Rhine-Main area (Mainz and Frankfurt) for two days of intense methods discussions and exchange of topics and ideas. Participants are usually users of the NIC as well as the Frankfurt Brain Imaging Center (BIC) and the Mainz Animal Imaging Center (MAIC).

The next retreat will be in 2021 (after Corona).


21. Januar 2021
Wolfgang Kelsch, Department of Psychiatry
Talk on “Neuroimaging in the mouse” on Teams...mehr
18. Dezember 2020
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Columbia University
FTN seminar talk “Cortical representations” on Teams...mehr
10. Dezember 2020
Lecture Hall 205
Official opening of the new NIC building...mehr