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06. Dezember 2018
Christmas Party
This years NIC Christmas Party will be on Thursday December 6th, starting at 4pm. Please write to if you intend to come....mehr
14. November 2018
NIC Meeting
Bianca Kollmann (Psychiatry) will present a new project called “Stress inoculation as possible mechanism for resilience” in the NIC Meeting on Wednesday November 14th at 12 in the seminar room in building 701....mehr
31. Oktober 2018
NIC meeting
Til Ole Bergmann (DRZ) will give a talk on “EEG-triggered TMS to study neuronal oscillations”. See you at 12 in the seminar room in building 701.  ...mehr


Postdoc position in EU Horizon2020 Project DynaMORE (Dynamic MOdelling of REsilience)

Topic: : designing and modelling longitudinal multi-modal resilience studies
Duration: 3 – 3.5 years, depending on start date
Contact: Raffael Kalisch ( or Haakon Engen (

A postdoc position is available at Deutsches Resilienz Zentrum (DRZ) Mainz (near Frankfurt, Germany), in the research group of Prof. Raffael Kalisch. The DRZ is an interdisciplinary institute assembling stress resilience reseachers from the fields of molecular and cellular neuroscience, genetics, physiology, systems and cognitive neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, and social science. The DRZ heads the EU Horizon2020 project DynaMORE and is a member of the DFG-founded Collaborative Research Center CRC1193 “Neurobiology of Resilience”. The DRZ and its partners run two unique longitudinal cohort studies (Mainz Resilience Project, MARP; Longitudal Resilience Assessment, LORA). The DRZ actively promotes collaboration and networking among resilience researchers world-wide and is strongly engaged in training and dissemination. A key activity is the annual International Symposium on Resilience Research. For key programmatic publications, see Kalisch et al., Behav Brain Sci 2015, Nat Hum Behav 2017 and Persp Psych Sci 2019; Chmitorz et al., Clin Psychol Rev 2017. The DRZ is situated in the rich collaborative neuroscience landscape of the Rhine-Main area ( There ís a close collaboration with the Neuroimaging Center (NIC) in Mainz.

Student Assistants

We are looking for student assistens to help with two Neuroimaging projects.  A background in Psychology or Medicine is advantagous. If you are interested, please write to

Master projects

If you are interested in writing your thesis at the NIC, please send your application to

We can offer different topics in the field of systems/cognitive neuroscience.