Forschungsschwerpunkt Translationale Neurowissenschaften Mainz


The Neuroimaging Center (NIC) is a core research platform of Focus Program Translational Neuroscience Mainz (FTN) and of Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center Mainz. We are member of the Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network (rmn²), a strategic research alliance formed by neuroscientists in Frankfurt and Mainz.

We provide support in key methods of human systems and cognitive neuroscience, incl. neuroimaging, to all interested parties within the regional neuroscience community.

The NIC has at its disposal research-only scanning time on a 3 Tesla Siemens TIM TRIO MR scanner (one 12-channel and two 32-channel head coils); equipment for peripheral stimulation, psychophysiological recordings and eye-tracking; MR-compatible 64- and 256-channel EEG, MR-compatible tDCS, and TMS; two fully equipped psychophysiological laboratories for behavioral studies; dedicated Linux and Windows servers, access the University’s high-performance computing facility (Mogon), analysis software; and an office suite with terminals for data analysis.

Services include regular methods teaching activities (NIC courses), advice with study design, ethics applications, stimulus presentation, sequence selection, and data analysis; and bi-weekly discussion and project presentation meetings (NIC meetings, see “Aktuelles” for upcoming meetings).

From 2018, the NIC will be housed in a new dedicated neuroimaging building that will harbor a new 3 Tesla MR scanner, an EEG suite, other laboratories and office space for research groups.

We are proud to support

DFG Collaborative Research Center CRC-TR128 on Multiple Sclerosis

Competence Network Multiple Sclerosis (KKNMS)

DFG Collaborative Research Center CRC1193 on Resilience

Mainz Resilience Project (MARP)

Deutsches Resilienz Zentrum (DRZ)

EU Horizon 2020 project “DynaMORE” (starting April 2018)


03. Mai 2018
NIC Meeting
Florian Müller-Dahlhaus (Psychiatry) will give a talk on “Brain state dependent neuromodulation” in the NIC Meeting on Thursday May 3rd at 12 in the seminar room in building 701....mehr
25. April 2018
Guest talk
Tanja Jovanovic (Emory University, USA) will give a talk on “Resilience in the Face of Trauma: The Role of Inhibitory Neural Circuits” on Wednesday April 25th at 12 in the seminar room in building 701....mehr
22. März 2018
NIC Meeting
Daniela Mier (CIMH Mannheim) will give a talk on “The human mirror neuron system as a common neural basis for social cognition” in the NIC Meeting on Thursday, March 22nd. The meeting will be at 12 in the seminar room in building 701....mehr