Forschungsschwerpunkt Translationale Neurowissenschaften Mainz

Raffael Kalisch



Dipl. hum. biol. (University of Marburg)

Dr. rer. nat. (Ludwig Maximilian University Munich)

Prof. of Human Neuroimaging (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)


Director, Neuroimaging Center Mainz (NIC)

Head, Research Group Resilience




+49 (0)6131 17-4588 or -8419


+49 (0)6131 17-8346


Neuroimaging Center Mainz (NIC)


Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center


Langenbeckstr. 1


Geb. 701, EG, R. 0.036


55131 Mainz






Publications (Research Gate)



13. July 2017
NIC meeting
Philipp Horstmann (Psychiatry, Mainz) will present the current status of the MRI study investigating the influence of prg-1 (plasticity related gene) genotype on brain morphology and function in the NIC meeting on July 13th. The NIC meetings starts at 12:00 in the seminar room in building 701!...more
03. May 2017
Rhine-Main-Neuroimaging Retreat
The registration for the Rhine-Main-Neuroimaging Retreat in Hohensolms (May 3rd-May5th) is open now!...more
06. April 2017
NIC Meeting
Martina Thiele (NIC) will present an upcoming fMRI study in the NIC Meeting on April 6th. The talk is entitled: “Finding the good in the bad: fear extinction reconceptualized as an appetitive learning process.” The meeting starts at 12 in the seminar room in building 701....more